‘Always Spring’ – H&M x Erdem

As a tween I loved H&M. When I heard the news a store was opening in my small town, I queued with my friend to make sure I would be one of the first to walk through the doors – even though I ended up purchasing a hideous dress that I still cringe at the thought of today. Since then I definitely feel I have somewhat outgrown the brand. To be honest I don’t really want a hoodie that has ‘trouble maker’ written on the front anymore. However when the H&M x Erdem collection was announced my interest was peaked once again.

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Back to Black

During my first week of University, we were set a project on the colour black. Now I’m not sure if it was the hangovers, freshers flu or a deadly combination of the both, but this task left me confused for most of the week. I had no strong opinions on the colour black. I mean sure, most of my wardrobe consists of various shades of the colour, but that didn’t mean I had enough knowledge on black to make two whole mood boards. When my course leader informed us we were to make a mood board on why we ‘love’ and why we’re ‘over’ black, I was quite honestly dreading it. View Post

And the colour of the year is…

Every year Pantone announce their Colour of the Year. This is a colour they feel symbolises what is going on the world culturally, thus reflecting the mood and emotions of what’s happening in society. This year they went with ‘Greenery’. A colour which at first I’ll admit didn’t excite me. No offence to Kermit, I’m just not a big fan of green, and to be honest initially didn’t see how this was a colour that was reflecting anything going on in my life. That was until I delved a little deeper.    View Post

The Power of Red

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“Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people” – Dita von Teese

I spent most of my early teens lusting after the perfect red lipstick. I bought tube after tube, mainly from the Kate Moss x Rimmel collab that I seemed to think would make me as cool as the legend herself. As I got older trends changed and so did my taste, going from red to dark nudes instead. That was until this summer, when I was re-inspired by a Kat Von D liquid lipstick I picked up from Sephora. View Post