The MOMA – Is Fashion Modern Exhibit

As I mentioned in my last post, last week I visited New York with Uni, a trip that mainly consisted of shopping and sightseeing. However there were lots of recommended educational visits too, my favourite of which was The MOMA. The Museum of Modern Art is located in Midtown Manhattan, which was about a 30 minute walk from our hotel, directly down 5th Avenue allowing us to explore the gorgeous shops on the way.  The MOMA was established in 1929, and is held in very high regard in the modern art world due to the influence it’s had over the years. I’ve mentioned before I’ve never really understood art, even referring to ‘Starry Night’ (a painting I actually got to see in real life!!) as a pretty painting of a night sky, however I really enjoyed my visit to The MOMA, and especially was captivated by Paola Antonelli and Michelle Millar Fisher’s ‘Items: Is Fashion Modern?’ exhibition.

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New York Shopping and Why It’s So Amazing

Last week I was lucky enough to go to New York with Uni. New York had never been a place that I’d been desperate to visit but after 6 days there I was desperate not to leave. I’m not really a city girl, and never envisioned myself living in one, let alone one the size of New York. Nottingham is a nice city to start with, feeling relatively small, but the idea of living in London terrifies me. Too much noise. Too many people. Too expensive. Until New York, I didn’t understand the fascination people seem to have (namely Rachel Berry from Glee) with cities. Turns out I loved everything about the Big Apple, from the people to the amazing buildings, but one of the things I enjoyed the most was the shopping.

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Rihanna – Queen of serving looks

I think everyone has that one celebrity that every single time they’re photographed they think they look absolutely incredible. Mine is 100% Rihanna. Every single look she’s photographed in is flawless – though not something I would ever wear myself. That’s why her style is so genius, she has everyone lusting after these outfits that most ordinary people would look ridiculous in, such is the power of RiRi. Her own fashion collabs such as ones she’s done with River Island and Puma, have also been a success, with Puma X Fenty helping sales at Puma go up 3.7% in 2016. Rihanna has a natural flare for fashion, something other celebs have to force, and this blog post contains some of my personal favourite looks she’s ever put together.

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Shout Out to Sheet Masks

Something I’ve taken more seriously as I’ve grown older is my skincare. Whereas I used to be happy with a face wipe and lip balm, my skin wasn’t. As my skin got worse and worse, I realised my routine wasn’t going to cut it anymore. A few years later there’s day creams, night cream, exfoliators, cleansers, toners, serums and best of all face masks. Face masks when I was a kid were cheap one use packets, reserved for sleepovers only. Now I have a face mask for all kinds of occasions, but my all time favourite will always be the sheet mask. Read More »

The Greatest Showman – the film you need to see in 2018

When I first saw ‘The Greatest Showman’ advertised, I knew it was a film I had to see. My all time favourite film is ‘Moulin Rouge!’, and the trailer alone gave the same sort of surreal magic as Baz Luhrmann’s film does. After seeing it I can confirm (whilst not on the same level as ‘Moulin Rouge!’), ‘The Greatest Showman’ is my must see movie of 2018. Directed by Michael Gracey, the film focuses on P. T. Barnum, a real life showman who championed the circus and the ‘unusual’ people that made them so special. The real Barnum wasn’t necessarily as good as the film portrays, abusing animals in his circus and exploiting the performers for his own gain, but the message of ‘The Greatsest Showman’ doesn’t include this. Instead it’s a story of empowering the outsiders, and how what makes you different is what makes you special.

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Holy Grail Makeup Products

If you know me, you know one of my favourite things is makeup. It’s what I spend the majority of my money on. It’s what I spend the majority of my time talking about. Reading about it. Watching about it. I lust over it. I can’t walk into a drugstore without buying a new item of it, even though more often than not it’s an item I don’t even need. I’m studying fashion, which I also love, but I’m probably more educated on makeup than anything else. I’m no makeup artist or anything (though my eye makeup is getting more adventurous recently), but it’s something I’ve always loved applying. It started with way too much eyeliner when I was 13, and has progressed into a real passion; getting ready is my favourite part of any night out. This post is going to give you the low down of all my favourite make up items in each category, ranging from drugstore to high end. Whilst it was hard to narrow it down, this list really gives you my holy grail makeup items I couldn’t live without.

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My 2018 Goals

In my last post I talked about the new year’s resolutions I set for myself last year, so today I’m here to talk about my goals for this year. Instead of setting myself huge, daunting tasks this time I’m going to keep it simple and set myself three resolutions that are more achievable. I promise this one won’t be as long as rambling as the last post, and maybe it’ll give some of you inspiration for your own goals! Whilst it’s not January 1st anymore, it’s never to late to start trying to make improvements in your life, and hopefully (with the help of these resolutions), this is something I try and do throughout the year.Read More »

Reflecting on my 2017 Resolutions

According to an article only 8% of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions. Last year, in an attempt to actually keep my new year’s resolution, I wrote them down in the notes on my phone so I had no excuses like ‘oh I forgot what they were’. Except I then forgot I’d even wrote them in my notes (perhaps working on my memory skills should be my resolution for 2018). A couple days before the end of the year I re-discovered these resolutions I made, and kicked myself for not taking most of them seriously. This blog post will reflect on the 10 resolutions I made, and help me to hopefully realise which ones (if any) I achieved, and which ones I need to try a fulfill this year instead – warning: some of these resolutions are extremely cringey, I can only apologise in advance.

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Agent Provocateur – a brand desperately in need of a reboot

As I mentioned in my last post, the brand I have to research and promote in my summative brief is Agent Provocateur. A reoccurring theme at University is me being assigned things I’m clueless about and Agent Provocateur is no exception. Seeing other people get brands such as Cath Kidston, and Vivienne Westwood didn’t make me feel better at all – how was I supposed to create a brand when I’d never even stepped foot in their store let alone their knickers? In my mind AP was just a fancy Ann Summers, and I had no idea how I’d promote their brand in a way that could trump what they’re already doing. Then I saw their actual promotional images, and realised that they knew what they were doing just about as much as I did.

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The Influence of Art in Fashion (and my life)

Whilst I’ve definitely loved being home for Christmas, and am getting increasingly sad at the thought of having to leave again, there has been something that has constantly lowered my mood considerably. Amongst glasses of prosecco, one too many roast potatoes and lots of lovely time spent with my nearest and dearest, at the back of my mind have been two daunting words – summative brief. Before we broke up for Christmas we were set the coursework that would make up our grade for the first module of my Uni course. When this was first mentioned I thought it might be an essay I could bang out in a few hours and not have to think about again. Turns out I was wrong. Very wrong. Instead I’ve been asked to produce a visual report by researching a fashion trend story, brand and outcome, and to create ideas that will incorporate these three key words. I was given Applied Art, Agent Provocateur and Lens, and I’ve never been more stumped in my life.

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