My Skincare Obsession – How I’m updating my routine

My Skincare Obsession – How I’m updating my routine

I’ve written a couple of blog posts in the past about my love of skincare. However no matter how many products I’ve bought my skin has never been as good as I want it to be. You think sticking to my holy grail products for the last year, and seeing no improvements would have inspired me to switch it up a bit, but for some reason I continued to naively think they were working for me. That was until recently when I actually looked at the ingredients in them. After realising maybe I know nothing about skincare, I’ve finally done my research, spent a bit too much money and got my act together, in order to ditch my spotty, oily skin for a healthy, glowy complexion.

The first step in my new skincare outlook was embracing natural skincare, and this is where the bulk of my research started. Oily skin should stay far away from products containing SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate. I’m awful at science, so most of these words mean nothing to me, but a quick scan of the ingredients on the back of my current skincare routine and I was quick to notice I’ve been putting majority of these chemicals on my face, and this probably explains why I’m still an oily mess. Turns out denatured alcohol is in the majority of skincare products I use, and was interested in buying, and this is what kicked off my interest in natural skincare solutions. Swapping chemical filled moisturisers and makeup removers, for natural options is ultimately cheaper and better for your skin.

I also discovered I should be thinking more about the acids I’m using. When I first read that I didn’t really get it, surely acid is something you want to keep far away from your face? Not necessarily. Turns out us oily skin girls need a healthy dose of salicylic, glycolic and hyaluronic acids. These regulate your skin’s acidity levels, helping it reach the correct PH that skin should be, and in turn regulating oil production. Skin produces sebum, and whilst lots of people think they need products to eliminate this completely, this isn’t true. We should be regulating our skin’s sebum production, with acids and other oils, seeing as a face completely free of oil isn’t actually a healthy one. After discovering this I also read into the oil cleansing method, which sounds strange at first but makes total sense. By cleansing your face with oil (as long as they’re non-comedogenic oils that don’t clog your pores) you’re actually helping sort your skin out more than if you avoided them all together.

Below I’ve written out my current, lacklustre, uneducated skincare routine. This is the one I’ve been doing for years, and whilst my skin isn’t as bad as it used to be when I was 14/15 with acne that was painful to touch, it’s no where near where I want it to be.

AM – Wash face with water. Apply The Body Shop’s tea tree anti-imperfection solution. Moisturise with the Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser.

PM – Take makeup off with any makeup wipe I currently have in (usually from Simple or Garnier), or I use my face halo if I’m feeling fancy (the face halo is a microfibre make up remover, that just needs water to work, for those of you that haven’t heard of it). Cleanse skin with the Garnier micellar gel wash for combination skin. Then treat spots with the Mario Badescu buffering lotion, moisturise with the Nivea daily essentials sensitive night cream.

I also exfoliate with The Body Shop seaweed pore-cleaning exfoliator twice a week, and apply whatever face mask I have in at the time (often one of the sheet masks I wrote about in the past).

However, that is a routine of the past. After lots and lots of research, I’ve come up with my new dream routine. I want to have long term solutions, so I don’t wake up when I’m 30, looking like I’m 50. This means implementing SPF and eye cream into my routine, for healthy skin for the long haul.

Some of this can go into affect soon, seeing as I’ve just bought lots of the products I need. However some of it will have to wait, as I’m currently searching for a job for summer that will help me fund my newfound skincare obsession. Compare this routine to my current one, and you’ll see why I think this one is going to be far more effective.

AM – Wash face with gel cleanser (Garnier micellar gel wash for combination skin). Tone face (Mind Your Tone witch hazel, aloe vera and rose water toner). Apply eye cream (The Ordinary caffeine solution 5% + EGCG). Apply facial oil (black cumin seed oil). Moisturise (Olay complete care daily UV moisturiser).

PM – Remove makeup (Face Halo or Simple micellar water on lazy days, oil cleansing method with hazelnut oil and sunflower oil most of the time). Cleanse skin (alternate between Garnier micellar gel wash and African black soap). Tone face (Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner). Apply eye cream (The Ordinary caffeine solution 5% + EGCG). Apply facial oil (jojoba oil). Finally moisturise (aloe vera gel or shea butter).

Use chemical exfoliants 2/3 times a week (Nip+Fab glycolc fix scrub, Super Facialist salicylic acid anti blemish scrub or The Ordinary AHA 30% + BAH 2% peeling solution). Also use a range of face masks, including clay (Aztec Secret Indian healing clay with apple cider vinegar), honey (Lush brazened honey fresh face mask) and homemade yogurt face masks.

I don’t have all these products yet, as I think it’s sensible to finish up what I’ve got and start fresh once I hopefully have an income. However I’ve got enough products to carry out all the steps (just with slightly different products in some areas, but still options that are actually good for my skin). I’m really hoping my research has paid off, and this is the start of a complete U-turn when it comes to my skin.

I’ve become really passionate about the subject of skincare, and I’m so excited for my products to be delivered and start my new routine. I’m planning on updating my blog in a couple of months time with reviews and results (hopefully I’ll have tried all the products and methods in my goal routine by then) and be able to confirm if researching your skincare is better than just buying products that beauty gurus over hype. Here’s to better skin by second year!

Until next time,

Beth x

Image sourced from Noble-Skincare


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