Have Influencers Gone Too Far?

Have Influencers Gone Too Far?

It’s official. Influencers are kind of taking over the world. I can’t scroll through Instagram without a million #ads being shoved down my throat. Even the only youtube videos I still find bareable to watch seem jam packed with sponsored content. Fashion influencers are being invited to sit font row at fashion week. Beauty influencers get to go on free trips to Bali just to advertise a concealer. Influencers are definitely shaking up what we’ve grown accustomed to, but is this really a good thing or is it as annoying as it seems?

Part of my somewhat dislike for influencers is my complete and utter jealousy. Would I like to receive free stuff, go on all expense paid trips round the world and have loads of money for just liking makeup? Yeah I would! However I wouldn’t feel all too comfortable with the sponsored content.

I’ll be honest as soon as I see #spon on a post, or a sponsored disclaimer pop up in a Youtube video, I completely lose interest. Companies can now pay and bribe people to hype their products, and the rest of us buy it because if our favourite blogger says it’s good, then it must be. Of course, there is plenty of sponsored content on the internet that does come with genuine opinions, but it’s getting harder to sort the good from the fake.

In 2016 Vogue editors got a bit of grief for suggesting that fashion influencers/bloggers, didn’t belong at fashion week. Whilst I saw the points of the complaints (it is a new digital era, and we should be celebrating changes, not discouraging them), I also kind of agreed with the Vogue editors. I write a blog (albeit I’m obviously not anywhere near the level of most bloggers, famous or not), but does that mean I should get a free pass to fashion week? There’s millions and millions of fashion enthusiasts world wide, who would kill for that opportunity, but that’s the point, they’re enthusiasts, not experts.

Blogging is a great career to be interested in. I’ve really enjoyed writing my blog this past year, and can 100% see the appeal. But if we’re going to put these influencers in the spotlight, how about it be the genuinely talented ones, not people just interested in making money and getting free things. With great power comes great responsibility, and I personally feel most of these influencers shouldn’t really be influencing anyone.

There are exceptions to this of course, and I’m fully aware of all the genuinely talented influencers/bloggers out there who put their heart and soul into the content they produce online. It’s the ones being rewarded for doing the bare minimum I’m not so keen on – maybe start giving the front row passes to the talented ones, not just the ones with the most followers on Twitter.

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Image sourced from Fashionista

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