Why fashion matters to me

Why fashion matters to me

I’ve talked about style. I’ve talked about my favourite people within the industry. I’ve even talked about the bits I don’t like. This year has seen me curate all my thoughts and feelings about the wonderful and weird world of fashion. It’s clear I have a lot of opinions, but there’s more than just what I think, it’s how important fashion clearly is to me.

I view fashion as a way to express yourself. Ever since starting High School I’ve lacked confidence, but I dress in a way that I feel most confident, even if I look back at 15 year old me and wonder if I got dressed in the dark! Fashion gives that ability to people though, to show their personality through clothes, even if they haven’t quite got the confidence to communicate it through words.

I’m sure there’s been someone you’ve walked past on the street and thought they looked ridiculous, even I’m guilty of it, but I’m starting to realise it’s really none of my business. If someone feels confident in a hot pink, velour Juicy Couture tracksuit, who am I to judge? I’m sure people look at my clothes and think they’re boring, and on a night out probably a bit tacky, but it’s what I feel happiest in, and that’s all that matters.

Even as a little girl I loved clothes. I cut models out of Next catalogues that I thought looked the best, I dressed my Bratz dolls in the craziest of outfits, I played dressing up games on the internet until I was far too old to be doing so! I loved putting outfits together, and in a way creating ways for these people to be confident. There was always a back story I created in my mind for the people I was dressing, but they always showed their best personality through their clothes.

I think what I’m trying to say is fashion means the world to me. It’s even given me the confidence to go to Uni and try to pursue a career in it. I’ll always love fashion week, collection drops, Vogue magazine and street style on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m still the same girl who spent all her free time on Stardoll when she was 10, and I think I always will be. It gives me something to be passionate about, and in all honesty I think that’s the main thing for me.

Until next time

Beth x

Image sourced from Marie Claire

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