What needs to change in the fashion industry?

What needs to change in the fashion industry?

As much as I love fashion, and am passionate in pursuing a career in it, I think there is lots of room for improvement. I’ve written lots of blog posts highlighting these issues, as I’m a firm believer in always bettering yourself, even if it means faulting things you love. Just like how the fashion industry isn’t perfect, neither am I, but if I don’t try and improve on these things I’ll always be stuck in the same place. Fashion has lots of benefits, for one without it we’d be naked, but is it worth the negatives?

Fast fashion is one of the main issues. Demand for clothes for new trends, causes a huge amount of waste. In a world that’s trying to become more conscious of the state we’re making the planet, I think fashion is one of the biggest culprits. It’s also at the cost of human rights, and the grueling conditions workers are in just to make a new top for H&M. With the plant and people’s well-being at stake, this is an element of fashion that needs a huge overhaul.

There’s also still a lack of diversity in fashion. I get Kendall Jenner sells covers because she’s thin, pretty and white, but is she actually talented? Is there enough women of colour in power implementing the change we need? Or is it all straight, middle aged, white men? It’s not just models that need a more diverse casting, but it’s the behind the scenes people too, so that the whole industry finally understands the importance of diversity in fashion.

With recent reports of sexual harassment from some major people in the industry, it’s time to point the blame at them and no longer associate with them. Sure Mario Testino is a talented photographer, but he’s also been accused of sexual harassment, and that speaks louder in my mind. Cut the toxic people off from the industry, it’ll be better off for it.

Focus on the new, not just the old. I love Versace and Gucci. I also love Molly Goodard and Christopher Kane. We need to support emerging talent with as much loyalty as fan favourites, otherwise change will never come. It’s my generation that’s going to pave the way for fashion in the next few years, so these are the people we need to support more than anyone. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I know people on my course that might, and that’s just one fashion based Uni course. Change is needed, but I’m confident with great minds, like the people I’m at Uni with, it’ll come.

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Image sourced from Elle

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