Reflecting on my first year of FCP

Reflecting on my first year of FCP

I’m in my last few weeks of being a first year FCP student at Nottingham Trent University, and I really do feel like I’ve learnt a lot (cooking still unfortunately not being one of them!). I wrote a reflection post at the end of my first module, and in all honesty not much has changed. I talked about all the amazing experiences I’d had in the first few months of Uni, but also reflected on the bits that had been much trickier than I’d expected. The second module we focused on fragrance, something I’ve talked about lots, and this was a module I found much more enjoyable than the first.

I’m about to go home for summer, having decided I’ll find it less tempting to go out clubbing there, and this is where I’m going to complete my coursework (something I’m thinking on writing a blog post on once it’s complete). Though I do find some aspects of this daunting, I’m very proud of myself for getting this far. Self doubt is one of my biggest problems, but Uni is helping me realise I can only do my best, and that comparing myself to other people just makes everything worse. Seeing people on my course be so amazing is equal parts inspiring and daunting, so instead of focusing on what they can do that I can’t, I should try and let it motivate me to improve.

One of the main things I’ve improved on at Uni is my attendance. I wasn’t a huge fan of 6th form, and my attendance showed this. So finishing my first year with 95% attendance is a big deal for me, and I honestly think if I didn’t go in as much I’d be a lot more confused. As hard as I find my course, I definitely think my motivation to succeed is one of my biggest strengths. I’ve learnt a lot about perseverance, and that if I don’t get something first time, I now try and work on it outside of contact times, to make sure I’m constantly learning and improving.

I think first year has also taught me a lot about the fashion industry as a whole. I think lots of aspects need serious work if it’s to become a sustainable industry, and I think I would like to work in a sector of the industry that focuses more on morals instead of making money. I often say to people that even though I do a fashion course, I don’t necessarily feel very ‘fashion’, but I’m learning that fashion means different things to everyone. I don’t collect vintage clothes, or eagerly await the Supreme drop, but I do love learning about people who have made the fashion industry what it is today, and I’m fascinated in becoming aware of all the things that happen in the industry that aren’t so great and figuring out how we could improve on them.

The main thing I’m taking away from first year is that it’s been tough, but rewarding. I’ve done things I never thought I’d do, made amazing friends, and even more amazing memories. All I have to say is, roll on second year!

Until next time,

Beth x

Image sourced from Pinterest (an image from the NTU FCP course page)

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