“When the World Zigs, Zag” – Hegarty on Creativity

“When the World Zigs, Zag” – Hegarty on Creativity

I’m back today with a new look, and a new book! I couldn’t be happier with my move to wordpress.org, and my new pipdig theme, and hopefully this will inspire me to blog more consistently (especially seeing as it wasn’t all too cheap!). My excitement about my new blog layout aside, today I’m here to talk about another book I’ve recently read. Book reviews aren’t always my favourite posts to write, however I like to think that one day they might be useful to people studying a similar course to me – I know I’m always scouring the internet for blog posts from people in a similar position as me, they’re super helpful, especially when you have no clue where to start on an assignment. The book in question today is ‘Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules’ by John Hegarty, and unlike my other book review¬†this one is a bit more positive!

For those of you that don’t know, John Hegarty is a well known advertising executive. He’s wrote a couple of books about his views on all things advertising, and lots of people consider his word to be gospel. I’ll admit I went in to reading this book slightly skeptical. I didn’t enjoy the last creative advice book I read, it was a bit condescending and felt like the author was bragging more than anything else. However I found Hegarty’s book both helpful, and somewhat amusing.

Below I’m going to insert a couple of my favourite quotes from the book, and hopefully this will give you an insight as to why if you’re interested in any kind of creative outlet, whether this is a hobby or potential profession, this is a useful book to own.

“When the world zigs, zag”

“If you want to produce special work, it’s worth collaborating with special people”

“Practice only makes perfect if you progress”

“Spotting the right idea is as important as having it”

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know”

“Plan on failing. But when you do don’t dwell on it”

What I liked most was that Hegarty’s book was easy to follow. The good advice is partnered with funny cartoons, and interesting ways of presenting ideas (some copies of the book have edible pages so you can literally eat Hegarty’s words). It’s also not too long, and all his points are concisely presented on 2 or 3 pages before moving on to a new topic.

I’d say if you’re a creative type this book is useful to have, whether you read it religiously, or pull it off the shelf when you’re having a crisis of confidence (something I’m no stranger to!). All in all I actually enjoyed reading Hegarty’s views, and I think the most important piece of advice is in the title itself, there are no rules when it comes to creativity! Work hard and have fun, and in the end the rest will follow.

Until next time,

Beth x

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