Tate Liverpool – what I really think about Modern Art

Tate Liverpool – what I really think about Modern Art

So in my last post I said I was ready to get back to regular posting. Over a month later, clearly that didn’t happen. However with a re-haul of the look of my blog, a change in my hosting service, and having invested actual money, I have no choice but to get serious about my blog! I’m starting up again with a post about a recent trip to Liverpool, namely to Liverpool Tate, a gallery full of ‘British and international modern and contemporary art‘. I’ve talked lots about my relationship (or lack of) with art, and how I’m on a journey to become more cultured as a whole, and the Tate Liverpool definitely opened my eyes to a new, albeit weird, world.

Below are some of my favourite pieces of art I saw whilst walking around the Tate Liverpool. I’ll be honest though half of the art in museum left me wondering how anyone could consider this ‘art’, and I spent more time making what I thought were hilarious, but probably more annoyingly sarcastic comments than actually appreciating what I was looking at (clearly I need a lot more work at becoming cultured!).







One of the exhibitions currently in the Liverpool Tate is ‘Roy Lichtenstein in Focus’, and I was quite excited for this one because I’d actually heard of Lichtenstein, and even more excitingly was familiar with his work!



This is one of the first art exhibitions I’ve walked around, and actually enjoyed, instead of just convincing myself I like it because I wanted to feel cultured. I think this was a turning point in my art gallery experience. I’m sure lots of people walked around the Lichtenstein exhibition and weren’t over fussed, just like I looked at lots of other pieces of art in the gallery and was amazed it could even be considered art. In my art journey I’m continuously discovering that art is so subjective, and that you are the real interpreter. I was told a sculpture in the Tate Liverpool was a representation of the bombing of Hiroshima, and whilst I didn’t see it (I mean, it was just a wooden oblong, I’m not too sure what that’s got to do with a WWII tragedy), I’m sure lots of other people did.

Modern art isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but I’m definitely going to try and delve a bit further, and see if there are any other artists, like Lichtenstein, that actually inspire me. The Lichtenstein exhibition is free, and runs up until June 17th, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re in Liverpool and have half an hour to kill. In the mean time I’m going to continue to explore the wonderfully weird world of art, who knows maybe one day I’ll see what the artist intends me to and be able to keep my sarcastic comments to myself!

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