69: Why non-demographic clothing is the way forward

69: Why non-demographic clothing is the way forward

I’ve been back at Uni for three weeks now, and I’ve had the flu pretty much ever since. Now I’m not saying that I’m allergic to Uni, but all the signs are there! Sickness, and snow storms aside (the ‘Beast from the East’ has finally hit Notts), it felt about time to get back into the swing of blogging regularly – and I’ve finally found a topic worthy of my return. When we were set a task last week to pick a brand to produce an in-depth brand board and presentation about, my group decided we wanted to focus on a brand with a cause, a brand that was doing something no one else really was. That’s when we stumbled upon ’69’, a brand that makes unisex clothing for anyone and everyone.

Established in 2011, ’69’ is a unisex clothing line that mainly produces denim garments for all genders, races, ages and body types. Lots of oversized structures, deep navy blues, and diverse casting leads to a unique, yet exciting brand to say the least.

DAZED digital 69 2The brand is ran by an anonymous designer in LA, which is an aspect of the brand I find really interesting. By doing this the brand remains faceless, and becomes a brand for the people, instead of a brand for the designer.

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I think a non-demographic brand is a good thing. In a world where LGBT rights are becoming more important than ever, it’s good that brands are starting to cater for minority groups, as well as the masses. Whilst ’69’ is quite pricey, it’s paving the way for other brands such as H&M who, in 2017, released their own unisex range called ‘Denim United’, which is more accessible for consumers with less money to spare.

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I truly believe this is just the start for unisex brands, and I’ll always be a supporter of brands that stand up and do something different – despite what society will think of it. Below is my groups brand board, which includes quotes from the designer, images and words that we think link to the brand, and images that ’69’ themselves have produced.


’69’ aren’t afraid to break the mould and go against the norm, and for this I applaud them. The world needs more of people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, whether they stand out or not, and I think this is everything ’69’ stands for.

Until next time,

Beth x

Images sourced from DazedDigital, InStyle and TheGloss


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