Maria Grazia Chiuri gets it right (finally!)

For those of you that don’t know Maria Grazia Chiuri is the creative director at Christian Dior, and I, like many others, have been less than impressed by the work she’s produced. It’s been rather un-inspiring and nothing new, with the irony of her ‘We should all my feminists’ t-shirts not being lost on me, and probably not the women who work in awful conditions, and are paid next to nothing, who make them for her. Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018, however, was a step in the right direction for Maria, and makes me more hopeful for the future of Dior.

Below are some of my favourite looks from the show. Inspired by Leonor Fini, an avant-garde artist, the collection still had a feminist tone. Models were not just adorned with beautiful dresses, but also temporary tattoos that shared phrases like ‘Liberté’ (Freedom) and ‘Au Départ Il Nes’Agit Pas De Comprendre Mais Bien D’Aimer’ (At the beginning it is not necessary to understand but to love), and this is a nice way of empowering women, thanks to makeup artist Peter Phillips.

As a whole, is the collection groundbreaking? Maybe not. There’s was plenty of traditional black and white (perhaps a nod to the #metoo movement of dressing in all black for events?) and there was still far too many sheer, bird cage illusion dresses – isn’t everyone a bit tired of that trend by now? However, on the whole, I think she might finally be on the right track. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from Dior, after all it can only go up from here.

Until next time,

Beth x

Images sourced from WGSN and PopSugar

One thought on “Maria Grazia Chiuri gets it right (finally!)

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