Is technology spreading to our skincare really a good thing?

Is technology spreading to our skincare really a good thing?

Last week I published an article about my love for sheet masks, and all things skincare in general. As I made clear in that post, I love a good face mask, and having since purchased a few new ones during my stay in New York I can’t wait to dedicate an evening to relaxing with one, and letting my skin absorb all that goodness. Enter the ‘UFO’. No, the newest skincare craze isn’t going to be an actual extra-terrestrial creature giving you a facial (how cool would that be though!), instead it’s a new skincare device by the brand ‘Foreo’, that apparently has all the goodness of a face mask without the fuss or the mess of one. Whilst this seems like a good idea in concept, it makes me wonder if maybe technology has spread too far – after all isn’t the best skincare supposed to be natural?

Foreo have looked at people’s usual complaints about face masks, things like they’re messy, impractical, ineffective and just generally a waste of time. They think in the modern day everyone’s always on the go, and people just don’t have the time to sit down with a face mask on for 20 minutes, just for it to do nothing to their skin. So that’s why they came up with the UFO. foreo-ufo-promoAfter initally hearing about the UFO, I decided to look into it further and watched their promotional youtube video on the product. It was a super fancy, futuristic video that I’ll be honest, completely sold me on the hype for a few minutes (I’ll give it to their marketing team – they know what they’re doing!).

According to Foreo the UFO does everything you could want for your skin. It has thermo therapy to warm up the skin, and open up pores allowing the nutrients from the mask to absorb better. It has cyro therapy which cools the skin, in turn lifting and firming your face. There’s t-sonic pulsations that heighten absorption, and RGB LED light therapy that helps stimulate collagen and refine your complexion. And it does all this in 90 seconds. Amazing, right? Wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I like keeping my skincare simple. And relatively inexpensive. With the UFO being expected to retail at £207 on launch in the UK, and the masks having to be re purchased regularly from Foreo, I’m not convinced.

foreo ufoForeo claim they’re making it even easier for you to look after your skin, allowing you to connect the device to an app on your smartphone that will make the UFO cater for your skin type precisely, and even order replacement masks from the same app. Dawn Watt, spokeswoman for Foreo, told consumers at a technology event that ‘the beauty industry is steadily merging with the tech world in a trend that is inevitable and “amazing.”‘, but I find it hard to agree.

Maybe I’m just being old-fashioned, but there are some aspects of my life that I don’t need technology being involved in. I first thought this when the toothbrush that connected to your smartphone was launched, but with wearable technology in fashion, and it’s ever increasing presence in the beauty industry I’m beginning to think we’re overdoing it.

Call me crazy, but I don’t want to be over-ruled by robots in the near future, and everyone’s obsession with integrating technology into every aspect of our lives is just the start of this. Thanks anyway Foreo, but I think I’m going to keep my skincare as simple and natural as possible for the time being – unless you start getting actual UFO’s involved, then I’m interested!

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Beth x

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