RE:CYCLE – The importance of conscious fashion design

RE:CYCLE – The importance of conscious fashion design

It has recently been announced that Dutch fashion house Viktor & Rolf are doing a collaboration with online retailer Zalando – in an effort to produce a more sustainable fashion line. I’ve talked before about the horrific repercussions of ‘fast fashion’ and how fashion is becoming one of the most polluting industries in the world, so this is really a step in the right direction for the fashion community as a whole. The collection will launch on February 1st and consist of 17 pieces, which will include items such as tops, skirts, and jeans, with prices said to be set towards the lower end of the spectrum (around 50 to 250 euros) so that sustainable fashion can be made accessible to all. 

Viktor & Rolf is a design duo made up by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren (the name makes sense now doesn’t it!). They like to combine art and fashion, and often have very theatrical runway shows.


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Zalando is an online store, based in Europe, that sells a whole plethora of brands such as Nike, Topshop and Tommy Hilfiger. Zalando have also recently partnered with ‘Fashion for Good’, a global initiative designed to ‘bring together the entire fashion ecosystem to reimagine the way fashion is designed, made, worn and reused.’ This makes Zalando the right choice for Viktor & Rolf to partner with, on their sustainable fashion line, as they’re clearly a brand who are also passionate in doing their bit to save the planet.


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Above is just a selection of the items that will be on offer when the collection launches in February. The collection is made with items from Zalando’s overstock fabrics, similar to something Viktor & Rolf have done in the past by using leftover fabric from their own collections to make new couture items.

In an interview with, Viktor & Rolf said ‘With our upcoming collaboration with Zalando, we are excited to bring forth this spirit of sustainable fashion in a bold and accessible way by breathing new life into forgotten garments‘, and Zalando shared the same excitement, ‘It is incredible to see how Viktor & Rolf transform old garments into something new and beautiful. It prolongs the life cycle of fashion. Their creations go beyond haute couture to reimagine fashion for the good of all.’

I’m so excited that this is something that is happening in the fashion world, as it paves the way for other designers to also make sustainable clothes a reality. The collection itself is not to my personal taste, but this is beside the point, whether you like the clothes or not hopefully it will inspire designers that you do like to follow in Viktor & Rolf’s footsteps. With waste becoming an ever increasing issue, all fashion houses should be looking at themselves to make a change, and RE:CYCLE is a perfect example of how to start making fashion more sustainable and less polluting to the planet.

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