New York Shopping and Why It’s So Amazing

Last week I was lucky enough to go to New York with Uni. New York had never been a place that I’d been desperate to visit but after 6 days there I was desperate not to leave. I’m not really a city girl, and never envisioned myself living in one, let alone one the size of New York. Nottingham is a nice city to start with, feeling relatively small, but the idea of living in London terrifies me. Too much noise. Too many people. Too expensive. Until New York, I didn’t understand the fascination people seem to have (namely Rachel Berry from Glee) with cities. Turns out I loved everything about the Big Apple, from the people to the amazing buildings, but one of the things I enjoyed the most was the shopping.

The Uni trip was very relaxed, our lecturers organized flights and accommodation but after that just left us up to our own devices. This meant we went shopping every day, which with a group full of fashion students was pretty much to be expected. The shopping in New York is like no other, with the friendliest shop assistants, amazing deals and products on offer you just can’t get a hold of in the UK (Sephora was my favourite for this, and I may or may not have purchased 3 eyeshadow palettes on top of way too many other make up products – don’t judge me!).

The other thing that I loved about shopping in New York was the window displays. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York is notorious for its amazing Christmas window displays. Sadly, these window displays were no longer up when I visited but the regular displays didn’t disappoint.

Below are some more stores which captured my attention whilst walking through Soho, Times Square, Manhattan, Chelsea and 5th Avenue. Some of the stores I know the names of, and these will be captioned but others I took a quick photo of as I passed (apologies for the rushed photography!) – however the window displays make me want to find out which stores these are now, showing why an eye catching window display is so essential, especially in a busy city like New York.

It wasn’t just the window displays that I loved, the interior of stores were just as impressive.

These are just a handful of the amazing stores I walked past and went in, and it’s safe to say my photos really don’t do any of the stores justice. Each was unique, and told the brand’s story through the layout of their windows and interior. Whilst there’s lots of things I miss about New York, I have to say I think the shopping experience is definitely up there – not just because I enjoyed having the opportunity to purchase so many amazing things (which don’t get me wrong was great, until I realised how much money I’d spent!), but because every shop was so carefully thought out and a joy to browse through whether I was a fan of the brand or not.

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All images are my own

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