KIMYE – Why Kanye West’s new marketing scheme is his best yet

Much to my Dad’s despair I have to admit I adore the Kardashians. Something about them draws me in every time, and though they do some very questionable things, overall I think they’re a family of master minds. Love them or loathe them they always seem to get everyone talking about one thing or another (I’m sure you’re all just as interested in finding out if Kylie is pregnant as I am – don’t lie!) and have found a way to make millions out of nothing. That’s why I thought Kanye West’s new marketing scheme for his brand Yeezy was a stroke of genius. Kanye, an absolute legend in his own right, is married to Kim K and over the last month he’s utilised his highly photographed wife to promote the new season of his brand.

To promote Yeezy Season 6, Kanye had Kim wear his clothes whilst running errands, knowing she’d be papped wherever she went. Essentially he had the paparazzi do the hard work for him, pretty much free of charge – unless he tipped the paps on Kim’s location (something the Kardashian’s are notorious of doing),  making the process a little pricier.


On one of the days Kim wore 9 different outfits in one day, claiming her busy schedule meant she had plenty of opportunities to debut the new items within her husband’s collection. This continued on multiple other occasions, each day revealing more ways to wear Yeezy’s recent creation.


Whilst I doubt tasks like ‘smoothie run’ and ‘FedEx run’ would require an entirely new outfit in the real world, in Kim’s world these were the perfect chance to put together simple and neutral, though clearly meticulously planned outfits (styled by Carine Roitfeld).


Kim’s runway was her hometown Calabasas – a city in LA where the Kardashian/Jenner clan often debut gorgeous outfits, and this is clearly the inspiration for Kanye’s recent collection.


With Kanye’s previous collections causing controversy on the runway (think models fainting in blazing heat and heels that were so uncomfortable models took them off mid-walk), this seems the best way for Kanye to stay to his unique, albeit often poorly thought out, ways of promoting his fashion line. Never one to conform, Yeezus has finally got it right, and I think this way of marketing is one that will be replicated multiple times by multiple brands over years to come.


Whilst my student loan doesn’t quite cover the cost of Yeezy (though I wish it did so I could cop the grey zip pullover – a girl can dream!!), I think this marketing scheme has grabbed everyone’s attention, especially as Kim posted every one of the looks on her twitter account to her 57.9 million followers.


Kim isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but she sure is photographed a lot and I for one think she’s never looked better. I absolutely love the blonde hair, she’s in great shape, and her style is perfect for the ‘girl on the go’ – Kimye have obviously noticed this too, hence the ‘errands’ she’s always running. Kanye has worked with what he’s got and after all, what better than to get your insanely hot, famous wife promote your fashion line for free? Hopefully the power couple carry on with more advertising like this – just so I get to obsess over pictures of Kim even more than I already do!

Until next time,

Beth x

Image sourced from and Kim Kardashian’s Twitter (@KimKardashian)









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