Faux Fur or No Fur

I’ve been a vegetarian for around 2 years now, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not here to do an in your face, over the top, PETA style post about animal cruelty and morals. I don’t think I’m any where near being perfect in that sense, seeing as I gave up Veganism after 8 months, and I’m not fully educated on cruelty free make up brands (something I’m trying my hardest to work on), but animal cruelty, especially in the fashion industry, is something I’m passionate about putting an end to by doing my bit. Seeing as I don’t eat animals it would be extremely hypocritical of me to buy real leather. However in recent months, lots of big names in the fashion industry seem to be taking a similar stance as me – especially in regards to the use of fur in fashion. On Friday Michael Kors was the next high-end brand to announce it was going fur free (this includes Michael Kors’ recently acquired Jimmy Choo line). This is following Gucci’s fur free announcement in October, and years of protests at fashion shows worldwide.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2002 - Show

Gucci revealed it would be ditching the fur, even on their iconic fur slides, starting with their Spring/Summer 2018 collection. This is especially good news for minks, foxes, rabbits and coyotes around the world, seeing as they are the main target within the cruel fur industry. Gucci and Michael Kors join brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani, who have decided to set an example in the fashion industry and ditch real fur items within their clothing lines.

As PJ Smith, senior manager of fashion policy for The Humane Society, pointed out “Today’s consumers want fashionable, luxurious clothing and accessories that also align with their social values and Michael Kors’ fur-free move makes it a leader in that regard.” I think in this day and age, most people are against real fur, as it’s been publicly outed as one of the most cruel industries worldwide. Though I don’t agree with a lot of what PETA does, they’ve got the word out about this fur industry and through their persistence (and annoyance) many of the big fashion houses have started to pay attention to what they are saying.

Hopefully this is just the start of fashion ditching fur, and more of the leading names (Yeezy looking at you) start to take notice, and follow their lead. Most importantly I hope it’s not just fur that people start to feel disgusted to wear, and that leather, wool, suede and silk begin to be held to the same regard. The less innocent animals killed the better, and I can’t applaud all the fur free brands enough. After all animals aren’t ours to wear, and I think it’s time more people start to realise this.

Until next time,

Beth x

Images sourced from theindependent.co.uk, elle.com, fashionista.com and fashiongonerogue.com

2 thoughts on “Faux Fur or No Fur

  1. Please consider being vegan again. As Gary Francione has rightly said, ‘there is probably more suffering in a glass of milk than there is in a pound of steak’. At any rate, they are no different from an ethical standpoint.

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