The Rise of Wearable Technology

The Rise of Wearable Technology

‘Now there’s no need to sacrifice style for technology’ – Michael Kors

The only reason I ever entertained the idea of buying a smartwatch was to live out my secret agent fantasy. The idea of being a modern day Nancy Drew always appealed, and it seemed pretty cool to have a fancy watch that would help me send texts by day and solve crime by night. Turns out that’s not what these watches were actually designed for, and that, combined with how hefty the price tag was, meant my brief love affair with the idea of owning one of the watches quickly ended. Since the initial Apple release I’ve not spared smart watches much thought, I know very few people who own them, and in my mind I get through life just as easily as the people I know that do. However a late night Michael Kors advert caught my attention, and the love affair quickly picked up exactly where it had left off.

Michael Kors has designed ‘fashion friendly’ smartwatches over the last few years – with the focus mainly being on female appeal. While I think both men and women can be fashion conscious, and rock a feminine or masculine look no matter of gender, it’s clear the women were the main target market for Kors’ collection of wearable technology.zendaya access watch

After seeing the initial advert on TV, I thought these smart watches must be a new design, but turns out they’ve been around for over a year, with the initial advert featuring Zendaya and Martha Hunt. This advert was posted to the Michael Kors Youtube page in September 2016, with the tag line being ‘#accessitall’, and it shows how these two glam girls use their watches to help them in all areas of their lives (including early morning workouts and glam evening events – suggesting that maybe the watch wouldn’t be all the useful to me!). The advert published in October this year, featuring model Andreea Diaconu, takes a similar approach, to show off the style Kors has produced – the ‘Access Sofie’. This new watch now features Google assistant as well as looking stylish, as all Micheal Kors watches do. As well as the ‘Access Sofie’, Michael Kors also offers the less dainty ‘Access Bradshaw’ (the watch that features in Zendaya and Hunt’s advert), and the ‘Access Grayson’ that is aimed towards their male audience.

michael kors access watch ad

While I am all for a stylish smart watch, £349 just isn’t in my budget for watches, especially when I struggle to tell the time on my bog standard watch (which also dashes my Nancy Drew dreams). I like the idea of wearable technology, and with designers such as Michael Kors taking the lead on integrating this tech in to the high street, I’m excited to see how this trend evolves over years to come.

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