KIMYE – Why Kanye West’s new marketing scheme is his best yet

Much to my Dad’s despair I have to admit I adore the Kardashians. Something about them draws me in every time, and though they do some very questionable things, overall I think they’re a family of master minds. Love them or loathe them they always seem to get everyone talking about one thing or another (I’m sure you’re all just as interested in finding out if Kylie is pregnant as I am – don’t lie!) and have found a way to make millions out of nothing. That’s why I thought Kanye West’s new marketing scheme for his brand Yeezy was a stroke of genius. Kanye, an absolute legend in his own right, is married to Kim K and over the last month he’s utilised his highly photographed wife to promote the new season of his brand.Read More »

Faux Fur or No Fur

I’ve been a vegetarian for around 2 years now, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not here to do an in your face, over the top, PETA style post about animal cruelty and morals. I don’t think I’m any where near being perfect in that sense, seeing as I gave up Veganism after 8 months, and I’m not fully educated on cruelty free make up brands (something I’m trying my hardest to work on), but animal cruelty, especially in the fashion industry, is something I’m passionate about putting an end to by doing my bit. Seeing as I don’t eat animals it would be extremely hypocritical of me to buy real leather. However in recent months, lots of big names in the fashion industry seem to be taking a similar stance as me – especially in regards to the use of fur in fashion. Read More »

The Rise of Wearable Technology

‘Now there’s no need to sacrifice style for technology’ – Michael Kors

The only reason I ever entertained the idea of buying a smartwatch was to live out my secret agent fantasy. The idea of being a modern day Nancy Drew always appealed, and it seemed pretty cool to have a fancy watch that would help me send texts by day and solve crime by night. Turns out that’s not what these watches were actually designed for, and that, combined with how hefty the price tag was, meant my brief love affair with the idea of owning one of the watches quickly ended. Since the initial Apple release I’ve not spared smart watches much thought, I know very few people who own them, and in my mind I get through life just as easily as the people I know that do. However a late night Michael Kors advert caught my attention, and the love affair quickly picked up exactly where it had left off.

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Mary Zophres – The Lady Behind the Looks in ‘La La Land’

I only watched ‘La La Land’ for the first time last week. Shocking I know. How I’d managed to avoid the hype for so long I’m not quite sure. Even more shocking – I didn’t fall head over heels in love with it. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad film, but the ending left me wanting more. Even Ryan Gosling’s gorgeous face didn’t save it for me. In all honesty I found that the film quite simply wasn’t all it was made out to be. Thankfully one aspect I did love was the styling. My love for Emma Stone probably helped this (come on she’s like a less annoying Jennifer Lawrence, how can’t you love her?), especially as she’s the perfect person to pull off the retro vibe the film’s costume design revolves around. Read More »