‘Always Spring’ – H&M x Erdem

‘Always Spring’ – H&M x Erdem

As a tween I loved H&M. When I heard the news a store was opening in my small town, I queued with my friend to make sure I would be one of the first to walk through the doors – even though I ended up purchasing a hideous dress that I still cringe at the thought of today. Since then I definitely feel I have somewhat outgrown the brand. To be honest I don’t really want a hoodie that has ‘trouble maker’ written on the front anymore. However when the H&M x Erdem collection was announced my interest was peaked once again.

Erdem was established in 2005, by Canadian Turkish fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu. On the website it describes itself as a brand that has the ‘delicate mixed with the bold’, and this is definitely present within the H&M collaboration.

When I first heard about the collab, I immediately watched the promotional film ‘The Secret Life of Flowers’, directed by Baz Luhrmann. At first I was excited, Luhrmann directed two of my favourite movies ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and ‘Moulin Rouge’. Then I watched the film. The dialogue was cringey, and the story line cliche – so much so I forgot to even pay attention to the clothes themselves. Any excitement I had in anticipation of the collection vanished as quickly as it had come about.

It wasn’t until I was given the romantic trend as a research task that I properly explored the collection. The clothes themselves mirror this trend perfectly, with whimsical floral prints and delicate lace. I found myself pleasantly surprised. Despite the somewhat poor campaign, the collection itself was rather beautiful. The sequin dress in particular was my favourite, and if not for the hefty price tag would be straight in my basket.

I also liked the men’s collection, but this could be due to the fact I could picture Harry Styles in half the outfits!

Overall is it groundbreaking? No. I’m not sure if Moralioglu has never seen ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, but florals for spring is nothing new. The whole concept is a bit outdated, but it is on brand. Erdem have stayed true to their brand identity, whilst bringing it to a different audience, and for that I commend them. Whilst they would not typically be selling to the same people that shop in H&M, this collaboration has given them an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Now, I’m not about to rush out and buy anything, but I have no doubt in my mind that the collection will be an overall success – even if all the purchases come from Harry himself!

Until next time,

Beth x

H&m x Erdem is avaliable online and in select stores from November 2nd

Images sourced from Vogue and H&M

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