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Back to Black

During my first week of University, we were set a project on the colour black. Now I’m not sure if it was the hangovers, freshers flu or a deadly combination of the both, but this task left me confused for most of the week. I had no strong opinions on the colour black. I mean sure, most of my wardrobe consists of various shades of the colour, but that didn’t mean I had enough knowledge on black to make two whole mood boards. When my course leader informed us we were to make a mood board on why we ‘love’ and why we’re ‘over’ black, I was quite honestly dreading it.

Looking back I realise why we were set this task. It taught us to research, to categorise and to edit. A lot of the fundamental skills of Fashion Communication and Promotion. So, after various methods of procrastinating, I sat down and got to work. Naturally, Pinterest was my first port of call. I dedicated a whole board to various images I could find, both that inspired me but also made me roll my eyes. Sure, black is a classic, but after hours of research I realised in this it becomes overused. Reliable. Boring.


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Above are my two mood boards, with pictures and key words that sum up my feelings towards the colour black. Some may be shocked that I included Coco Chanel. To be honest, I’m a bit shocked too. She’s a classic but she’s also a cliché in herself. I love her work, and no one can dispute all the amazing things she contributed to the fashion industry. It’s important this doesn’t become the standard though. It’s not the 1920’s anymore. That doesn’t mean we can’t still be inspired by her work, but we should also build on the foundations she set.


I love that black is used to show detail, such as in collections by Gareth Pugh. I love the contrast of black and colours to make bold advertising statements. I love graphic eyeliner. I love black when it’s making a statement. When it’s saying, ‘look at me!’ Black is often seen to be understated, but it shouldn’t be. I live in black leggings and a huge black puffer jacket. I’m hiding. It wasn’t until I noticed this that I understood the true potential of the colour. Wear black, and be bold whilst doing so. As Coco Chanel herself said, ‘A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous’, and I honestly believe you can be both of these things in the colour black.

Until next time,

Beth x

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