And the colour of the year is…

And the colour of the year is…

Every year Pantone announce their Colour of the Year. This is a colour they feel symbolises what is going on the world culturally, thus reflecting the mood and emotions of what’s happening in society. This year they went with ‘Greenery’. A colour which at first I’ll admit didn’t excite me. No offence to Kermit, I’m just not a big fan of green, and to be honest initially didn’t see how this was a colour that was reflecting anything going on in my life. That was until I delved a little deeper.   

Pantone describe the colour as ‘nature’s neutral’, and that it ‘evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew’. In an ever-changing climate, where climate change is an undoubtedly huge issue, this is more relevant than ever. People seen to be increasingly more interested in the world around them, and whilst we are still submerged in a the modern world of technology, we seem to be having more of an interest in the natural world too. Don’t get me wrong I’m not necessarily going to become an avid gardener, but then I noticed that even I purchased some fake cacti for my uni room. This is because I realised, though through my sub-conscience, that green would make my room feel fresh and full of life, and I finally understood Pantone’s point.

I’m not the only one. Greenery is present in the fashion world too. With brands such as Gucci, Boss, and Salvatore Ferragamo using it in their spring/summer 2017 shows, it’s clear that the colour has made a real impact on the fashion scene as well.

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Love it or loathe it Greenery looks like it’s here to stay, and I for one am more on board with this trend than I thought I ever would be.

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Images sourced from: Indigital and Pantone

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