69: Why non-demographic clothing is the way forward

I’ve been back at Uni for three weeks now, and I’ve had the flu pretty much ever since. Now I’m not saying that I’m allergic to Uni, but all the signs are there! Sickness, and snow storms aside (the ‘Beast from the East’ has finally hit Notts), it felt about time to get back into the swing of blogging regularly – and I’ve finally found a topic worthy of my return. When we were set a task last week to pick a brand to produce an in-depth brand board and presentation about, my group decided we wanted to focus on a brand with a cause, a brand that was doing something no one else really was. That’s when we stumbled upon ’69’, a brand that makes unisex clothing for anyone and everyone.Read More »

Dying for a Bargain – a Panorama Documentary

After watching two documentaries that show the more positive side of fashion, I decided to face reality and watch the Panorama documentary ‘Dying for a Bargain’ on Kompany. The documentary covers similar topics as ‘The True Cost’ which I’ve spoke about the importance of in the past. I think it’s important, especially in an industry such as fashion, to be realistic about what is really going on behind the scenes – and this is exactly what ‘Dying for a Bargain’ shows. Showing the grueling conditions of sweat shops in Bangladesh, the documentary shows us what really goes into making clothes for shops like Primark, Matalan and Lidl. Bangladesh is the second biggest exporter of clothes but with rules being broken, and human rights being forgotten, it poses the question, once again, of whether cheap clothing is really worth it?Read More »

Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) – good advice or showing off?

When we were given a choice of books to pick from to read over reading week, I knew I was better off choosing books that gave advice on how to unleash your creative side. I love writing – this is where I feel creatively strongest. Everywhere else I struggle a bit. So I figured that I would use reading week as an opportunity to ‘unleash my creative potential’ in the words of George Lois. His book ‘Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!)’ is the first book I read during my two weeks off, and whilst he clearly is extremely creatively gifted, I have mixed thoughts about the book overall.Read More »

Franca Sozzani – the documentary that captured her genius

The second documentary I watched during reading week was ‘Franca: Chaos and Creation’. There’s no doubt that the late Franca Sozzani is a legend in the fashion world, renowned for her controversial, yet brilliant, photo shoots that she produced during her time as Editor in Chief for Vogue Italia. Her untimely death in 2016 was heartbreaking, she had so much more to give, and the documentary captures this perfectly. Filmed over 6 years by her only child, Francesco Sozzani, we finally get an insight to who Franca Sozzani really was, from her childhood, friendships, and the people who inspired her most.Read More »

King of the Fall – ‘House of Z’ documentary

The first module of FCP is finally over, and I couldn’t be happier to be back at home, eating good food and finally getting some sleep! Whilst I might not be at Uni for the next two weeks, I’m not just allowed to sit around and do nothing (though I’m sure there will be a lot of that!). Instead we’ve been set things to read, watch and listen to that, in turn, will help us to expand our knowledge on all things fashion. As work goes, it’s pretty nice! Reading week will lead to blog posts on the things I’ve learnt and my thoughts on them, and the first one will focus on fashion designer Zac Posen, and the documentary ‘House of Z’.Read More »

Haute Couture Heaven – Ralph & Russo Spring/Summer 2018

Yesterday I talked about Dior’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 collection, but today the focus is on Ralph & Russo. The British fashion house, that has recently been in the press due to Meghan Markle wearing a dress from their 2016 Fall couture collection in her engagement photos, was really a shining star in this season’s couture fashion week for me. I love sparkle, and elegance, and these are two things Ralph & Russo had lots of at their runway show. This blog post contains 9 of my favourite looks from the show, with it definitely being Ralph & Russo’s time to shine. Read More »

Maria Grazia Chiuri gets it right (finally!)

For those of you that don’t know Maria Grazia Chiuri is the creative director at Christian Dior, and I, like many others, have been less than impressed by the work she’s produced. It’s been rather un-inspiring and nothing new, with the irony of her ‘We should all my feminists’ t-shirts not being lost on me, and probably not the women who work in awful conditions, and are paid next to nothing, who make them for her. Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018, however, was a step in the right direction for Maria, and makes me more hopeful for the future of Dior.Read More »

Online Shopping – why I hate to love it

I love shopping. So much so I’d be willing to admit I had a slight shopping problem last year. However now I’m a student and my maintenance loan is my only way of getting money, my spending habits have considerably slowed down. There’s something about wandering around shops that I love, and I can spend hours browsing through clothes and makeup (unless it’s on a Saturday in Notts – then I stay well away!). That’s why I think I have a problem with online shopping. Not that I don’t utilise the expanse of online shops, but there’s something about it that puts me off every time.

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Reflecting on my first FCP module

In 2017 I underwent one of the biggest changes in my life – starting university. By the time September rolled around, and it was time for me to leave for Notts, I was 100% ready to go. I’d hated A-levels with a passion, and my job was becoming a chore. I was excited for the change. Turns out I wasn’t as prepared as I thought. Don’t get me wrong I felt prepared (the unused garlic press that’s sat in my kitchen cupboard is proof of perhaps me being slightly over prepared!), but being at Uni is very different to how I imagined. Terrible accommodation aside, the last few months have been full of ups and downs, and this mainly stems from the experiences I’ve had during my first module of Fashion Communication and Promotion.

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Is technology spreading to our skincare really a good thing?

Last week I published an article about my love for sheet masks, and all things skincare in general. As I made clear in that post, I love a good face mask, and having since purchased a few new ones during my stay in New York I can’t wait to dedicate an evening to relaxing with one, and letting my skin absorb all that goodness. Enter the ‘UFO’. No, the newest skincare craze isn’t going to be an actual extra-terrestrial creature giving you a facial (how cool would that be though!), instead it’s a new skincare device by the brand ‘Foreo’, that apparently has all the goodness of a face mask without the fuss or the mess of one. Whilst this seems like a good idea in concept, it makes me wonder if maybe technology has spread too far – after all isn’t the best skincare supposed to be natural?

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